We will view the wishes and concerns of our clients as our first priority, striving to treat everyone with whom we deal with the same level of respect and dignity.

Nothing less than complete honesty is acceptable in our dealings with our clients, and our trade partners, alike.

We will use the knowledge we have gained over time to create the highest level of quality possible.

We will always treat our customer’s homes with the utmost dignity and respect. We will attempt to create a feeling of “family” within our business.

Noel Dagle - Owner

Phone: (925) 240-6777
Email: nd@insightremodels.com


Eight years ago, Noel Dagle was working on a small job in Discovery Bay, California. He had lived in this area longer than any before and considered it home. He enjoyed his work and the people he worked with and he also enjoyed his customers. Noel had been framing houses for his father’s construction company for many years and decided it was time to go on his own. With his wife Karin’s encouragement, Insight Construction was launched.

We started out with one employee and continued to do the work we love. Most of our jobs in the beginning were smaller projects, docks, decks etc. This was a great opportunity for us to get our feet wet, (both figuratively and literally,) and learn the ins and outs of running our own business. We always put our customer’s first, always tried to offer the best product, and most importantly treated each person whether it be a homeowner, subcontractor or employee with respect.

Today, we are still a relatively small construction company. We have taken on larger projects through the years and expanded our expertise. However, we feel that by limiting our projects to our surrounding areas we are allowed to really take the time needed with our customers and get to know their families on a personal level. Not only does this enable Insight Construction to fully understand their particular needs, it creates a feeling of “family” within our business. In this industry we feel we offer a unique combination of excellent service, superior craftsmanship and a professional, yet caring attitude.

Insight Construction’s future is limitless. We vow to always deliver a product that is a cut above the rest, always hire employees who are proud of the work they do, always utilize subcontractors with our philosophy and above all else, remain as passionate about our company as we were when it began.