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As you design your remodel and make selections, analyze the needs of your family, as a group and as individuals. Do you prefer formal or informal entertaining? Do you host out-of-town guests? Think about now and think about the future. What changes do you expect in the next 5 to 10 years? Identify the details that change a house into a home for your family. The right house for your family is one that rekindles the best memories as it provides a setting for new ones.

Homeowner Association Design Review Committee

Insight Construction remodels many homes in covenant-protected communities where the homeowner association design-review committee uses criteria established by the association to review home plans. The goal is to assure that homes in the community meet agreed-upon standards affecting size, design, exterior finish materials and colors, and height. If your new home will be in a covenant-protected community, be certain that everyone on your design team is informed about the criteria your association uses in its design-review procedures.

Environmentally Friendly Construction

Materials and methods in new home construction are changing and improving every day. Efforts to use resources efficiently have led to the development of many "alternative materials" which take the place of wood in the home. Alternative materials offer choices that affect cost, the construction schedule, and long-term performance as well as the home's impact on the environment. Insight Construction will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of all such choices with you.

Energy efficiency can be maximized when planned into the home from the beginning. And while the federal government has mandated water-saving devices must be installed in all new homes, xeriscape landscaping remains a choice for the homeowner–one that can save work and dollars.

Insight Construction has implemented many practices that reduce waste during construction, and we recycle where possible. Similarly, we encourage our clients to plan for convenient recycling in their home plans.

Modern Technology

With the advent of the Internet and increased popularity of the personal computer, home technology has also likewise become increasingly important. Design into your home the capability for present and future communication, entertainment, and efficient operation. Smart House features may be for you. Security, lighting, temperature control, ventilation, and many maintenance activities can readily be automated for convenient home management.

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