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Document Your Ideas

Many clients find it helpful to assemble a scrapbook of sketches, photos, model numbers, samples, and color chips. Gather notes and ideas for each room or area of the home. A partial list of the Design Details you will make choices about can be found in this section, to get you started.

Set Priorities

Each decision for your new home influences cost and impacts other choices as well. How important is that three-car, side-entry garage? A side-entry garage will require a different driveway shape than a front-entry garage. This will affect the landscaping plan. Or would you rather apply the cost difference to ceramic tile countertops and upgraded carpet? Think of this process not as giving up things you want, but of determining which items are essential and which are preferences. If something must be omitted, select an item you can add later, such as wallpaper, rather than sacrificing something that is impractical to add later, such as a curved staircase. Insight Construction can help with information on what is practical to add later and what is not.

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